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1997-12-29 18:54:51


38% of Irish Senior Managers Have Heard About Y2K



A report on the state of awareness in Ireland offers no reason for optimism.

This was posted on Yahoo! (Dec. 19), so it may not be a live link for long.

On the allocation of resources necessary to complete a y2k repair project, see the California White Paper.

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DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland's indigenous industry is ill- prepared for potential millennium shocks to computer-based data systems when the year 2000 dawns, accountancy consultants Price Waterhouse said.

Almost half the country's top companies have no written plans for dealing with the dreaded "millennium bug" and many cannot estimate the costs involved, a recent survey by Price Waterhouse showed. . . .

"It is worrying that nearly one third of financial institutions have no such plan."

The Price Waterhouse report surveyed the Republic of Ireland's top 200 companies and all government departments.

Some 71 percent of respondents said the 2000 issue was either "serious or fundamental" to their business but only 38 percent of senior managers and board members were familiar with it.

"It appears that further work will be necessary to ensure that boards and senior management are adequately briefed on this important issue," Semple said. . . .

Semple said his firm's survey showed 52 percent of organisations only started planning for 2000 this year.


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