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1997-12-30 17:10:49


Israeli Firm Hires Arabs to Work on Y2K



For those who think y2k isn't crucial, here is a mind-blower. An Israeli firm has hired Jordanian programmers to help work on y2k.

Given Israel's high-tech economy and defense system, they had better get their y2k problems solved. If their solution is Jordan, they've got a very big problem.

This, from TECH WEB NEWS (Dec. 26).

* * * * * * * *

Several dozen Jordanian programmers and engineers arrived in Jerusalem earlier this month to begin the first phase of a ground-breaking cooperation between an Israeli software developer and an Arab company. . . .

But despite years of such distrust -- and enmity between the Arab governments and the Israeli authorities -- Israeli companies are being forced to search for labor in Arab countries to overcome a huge labor shortage. Malam and its Jordanian partner said they plan initially to invest $2 million in the software venture.

Fittingly, the joint venture will develop software aimed at helping solve the year 2000 problem, a worldwide problem that is causing severe labor shortages.


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