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1997-03-06 00:00:00


If These Organizations Don't Make It, We're in Big Trouble



This link takes you to a discussion forum. This forum is dedicated to discussing the actual problems of making the y2k conversion. What is scary is the list of organizations that are members. Members include Amoco, Bell Atlantic, Duke Power, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, GTE, the Internal Revenue Service, Shell Oil, Social Security, Sun Trust Banks, Texas Utilities, Life of Georgia, and TVA. (If TVA goes down, what happens to the American Southeast? No power!) Let us hope that all of them make the deadline, and that every other firm in these fields also makes it. There is too much at stake here.

Consider the kinds of companies that are on the list: insurance, power companies, public utilities, telephone companies, banks, and oil companies. It means that these industries are at risk. How much risk? That, nobody can say for sure. We can say this much, however: a lot of money will be spent by these organizations. Let's hope this money is well-spent.

The list appears toward the bottom of the page.


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