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1997-12-31 18:17:13


1998: Time to Start Panicking, Says BYTE MAGAZINE



It takes two years to make a mid-to-large firm 2000-compliant, says BYTE. It's now time to begin to panic.

Here it is again: wild optimism!

There is no evidence of any mid-to-large firm that has become 100% compliant, even those beginning their repairs back in 1992. So, BYTE's premise is wrong. We have yet to see a single major y2k completed repair in ANY organization. The only ones thart claim near-compliance switched from a legacy system to SAP or some other compliant system. Meanwhile, they are still converting the data from the legacy system. We are still waiting for a Fortune 500 firm to announce, "It's fixed. We've fired 90% of our y2k repair staff."

* * * * * *

When considering the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem, 1998 is the point at which to start panicking. The reason, like the problem, is simple math. Many consultants estimate that it takes at least two years to fix the problem for medium-to-large enterprises. As of 1998, there simply isn't enough time left.


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