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1998-01-06 22:01:23


Will Federal Agencies Survive?



FEDERAL COMPUTER WEEK (Jan. 5) asks this question. That this question is even being raised indicates the shift from denial to concern in some circles. The public has not figured out yet that the Federal government is literally in jeopardy.

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Year 2000 survival is No. 1 priority for federal agencies


Is survival of the millennium the focus of your agency's Year 2000 compliance program? If not, it should be. It's too late to concentrate on overall compliance of your information technology enterprise -- the fact is, there will be problems and issues regardless of the strength of your overall approach and how long your plan has been in place.

. . . CIOs must consider the potential risk of losing "mission-essential" automated processes as a result of Year 2000 faults -- systems that spell success or failure, survival or mortality, for mission accomplishment and organizational functionality. It is too late to depend on the "enterprise" overall Year 2000 program strategy for Year 2000 survival. The question becomes how to survive the century date change? . . .

Contingency planning.

Any good general will enter a campaign with a well-developed series of pre-existing plans that potentially take into account all possible scenarios the opposing force may choose to utilize. Similarly, Year 2000 "what-if" contingency plans form the basis for work-arounds, crisis management and emergency planning when and if something Year 2000 goes "bump in the night."


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