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Can You Survive the Worst Technical Blunder in History?

It's called the Year 2000 (Y2K) Computer Problem and it's coming at us like a freight train.

Hundreds of thousands of programmers across the country (and around the world) are struggling to inspect and repair over 600,000,000,000 lines of computer codes, some of which are "infected" with this "Millennium Bug".

All the experts agree there is not a chance that all the essential computing systems will be fixed by the year 2000. The implications of this statement are monumental. It means we will experience widespread failures of computing systems -- some of which perform functions critical to our way of life.

Take the banking system, for example. Here are two recent opinions about the Year 2000 Crisis:

"Inevitable difficulties are going to emerge. You could end up with... a very large problem."

-- Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Federal Reserve Board

That's right! Alan Greenspan, one of the most powerful financial insiders in the world made this amazing statement in recent congressional testimony to a Senate Banking Subcommittee. Here's what one of his fellow Fed Governors said at a banker's convention in Miami.

"The stakes are enormous... nothing less than the preservation of a safe and sound financial system."

-- Edward Kelley, Governor, Federal Reserve System

You know these heavyweight bankers are sending an unmistakable message. A deadly and serious problem is on the way. You should be getting ready -- NOW! The problem is...

How Do You Prepare for the Worst Technical Blunder in History?

You'll have the answer to that question in just a moment. First, consider this troubling thought.

How do you suppose the federal government is doing? Well, one Congressional Subcommittee projected the feds will only complete 63% of their mission critical systems before the January 1, 2000 deadline. This means that almost three thousand essential government functions will be stopped dead in their tracks. Functions such as:

This last item is especially ominous. According to a recent Congressional study, the Department of Defense is only expected to complete 36% of its mission critical systems in time for the century turnover. Incredigbly, at their present rate of progress, they won't be done until the year 2009.

Don't you think Saddam Hussein is licking his chops over the thought of the United States turning into a helpless giant?

Who Can Show You How To Get Ready For This Mess?

The Y2K Library