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1998-01-22 17:48:32


90% of Chips Go Into Embedded Systems



The estimate of 90% of all chips' going into embedded systems gives us some idea of the magnitude of the y2k repair task. You have to replace the bad ones, says Peter de Jager.

One by one.

After you locate them.

If those models still being manufactured.

If not. . . ?

This is from Canada's GLOBE AND MAIL (Jan. 21).

* * * * * * *

Software that runs on mainframe computers gets data from a relatively small number of places. If you can find the qualified personnel, it's just a matter of looking at those sources to make sure dating techniques are correct.

But a factory can contain thousands of sensors collecting information, and controlling processes and devices. If some of those sensors shut down or begin feeding bad data into the system, the whole plant could be affected. . . .

Technology consultants estimate that more than 90 per cent of the chips manufactured every year go into embedded systems. In 1996, there were four billion chips manufactured, and that number has been rising.

In most cases, the only way to fix the embedded systems is to replace them. . . .

Flaws in embedded systems will be much tougher to find because they are spread out and they usually don't have easily readable systems, so checking them is more difficult than checking a software program. . . .


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