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Category: Noncompliant_Chips

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In the computer field, this problem is called "embedded systems." This is the computer chip that is hard-wired -- soldered or whatever -- into the computer. On the chip is a "burned in" program. That is, the chip contains its own instructions.

The problem here should be obvious: if a chip has its program embedded into it, the program cannot be revised by software. It has to be replaced by a chip that is 2000-compliant.

No one knows how many noncompliant chips there are. If the percentage of noncompliant chips is the same as the percentage of noncompliant lines of code in COBOL programs, then between 5% and 10% of all chips are noncompliant. This is a standard estimate.

The problem is: nobody knows which 5% to 10% is noncompliant. All chips must be tested, one by one, system by system. This is not possible in the time remaining. So, we must hope for the best.

In 1996, over 7 billion microprocessors were sold. It was 3.5 billion in 1995.

The testing problem is beyond the ability of organizations to conduct. But assume that testing identifies bad chips. They must be replaced, assuming that compliant chips for each application have come onto the market. One by one, bad chips must be carefully removed and replaced.

Another problem: chips are in satellites. Want to replace them?

The problem of embedded systems is basic to microcomputers. This is not a strictly mainframe problem. Also, microcomputers feed data into mainframe computers. What happens to the bad data from noncompliant microcomputers when they are fed into compliant mainframes (if any)? Presto: we have a noncompliant mainframe. So much for the costs of becoming compliant. (See the category, "Compliance.")

Want to fire a nuclear missile with embedded chips? No? Then what happens if Red China gets really pushy? Or really grabby? (See the category, "Military.")

(Other categories: "Compliance," "Personal Computers," "Domino Effect," "Power Grid," "Too Late?")

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