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1998-03-21 08:09:13


Washington State and Embedded Chips



The Department of Transportation of the state of Washington has formally recognized the state's ferry boat system heavy dependence on embedded chips. It is now trying to do something about this, although it is not clear exactly what.

The important thing is that women and other types of 2000-compliant people are allowed to solve the problem. I guess they will be called ferry godmothers.

* * * * * * *

The STATE OF WASHINGTON, Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will issue Request for Qualifications and Quotations, RFQQ 98-0320, on or about Thursday, March 12, 1998. The RFP is issued for the purpose of obtaining department-wide Year 2000 Embedded Chip Services. WSDOT plans to hire one or two Vendors to provide two Project Managers for different, but related, aspects of WSDOT's Year 2000 Embedded Chip Project. Embedded Chip issues permeate all WSDOT operational areas. These operational areas include ferries, facilities, vehicles and equipment, traffic signals and systems, and bridges. The Winning Vendor(s)/Project Managers must be available to start work as early as April 8, 1998, and be available through July 31, 1999, and potentially through July 31, 2000. . . .

Washington state is an equal opportunity employer and Minority and Women-owned businesses are encouraged to reply.


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