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1997-12-01 15:00:54


Warning from Expert: Huge Risk to the Public



Ann Coffou of the Giga Group says rthat the next major area of y2k concern will be noncompliant chips.

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AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, 1997 NOV 24 (NB) -- By Steve Gold, Newsbytes.

In a preview of her speech scheduled for the first Pan European Year 2000 Conference and Expo, which takes place in Amsterdam late next week, Ann Coffou, an analyst with the Giga Group, has warned that the next focus for Year 2000 matters will be embedded chips.

According to Coffou, as we near the Year 2000, there is a grave danger poised by embedded microchips, one that has been eclipsed by the anticipated problem facing computer systems. . . .

The resulting problem, she explained, will come in two varieties:

- The complete inability of the embedded microchip to handle the change in century, rendering the product or device unusable, and,

- The ability of the embedded microchip to continue functioning, all the while producing invalid, inaccurate, or contaminated data.

She claims that either result could wreak havoc for individuals, companies, cities, states, governments, and countries worldwide. . . .

The issue of embedded systems, Coffou claims, represents a huge risk to the life and well-being of the global population. Manufacturers of products that employ embedded systems must be given a wake-up call regarding the seriousness of Year 2000 issues.

She also claims that anything with an electrical component should be suspect. The rule, she explained, should be -- guilty until proved innocent.


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