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1997-10-22 17:35:03


Questions for Utility Company Engineers: Embedded Chips



This list could also be published under the category, "Power Grid." It indicates how overwhelming the embedded chip problem is.

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A. Did your company or will it test one copy of each suspect device or all copies of each suspect device or in between? Are they aware of the Smith Kline Beecham findings pertinent to this?

B. Did any of your company's engineers make or will make the false assumption that if an embedded system device has no visible power source that it is nothing to worry about?

C. Did any engineers make or will make the false assumption that if an embedded system device has no date input nor date display that it is nothing to worry about?

D. How many embedded systems devices does your company have?

E. How many are being replaced or upgraded?

F. What is the average time from order to receive to install for any device that has to be replaced or upgraded?

G. If you had to replace 2 to 5 percent of your company's embedded systems devices, how much time do you think it will take you to get authorization for the orders, to place the orders, to receive the items, install them and test them?

H. How many engineers and how long did it take or will it take to do the discovery effort to discover what devices need to be fixed or replaced?

I. If the discovery process is done, what kinds of devices were found necessary to replace?

J. Did the devices that needed replacing--were they critical devices needed to (a) generate electricity or (b) monitor for billing purposes the delivered electricity?

K. Are you going to use an outside/independent Y2k auditing team for your testing and verification? If so, who; if not, why not?

L. Is your company making the above information available for the world to know about? If not, why not?

M. Does your company have a web site, and if so, what is that web site address?


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