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1997-12-08 15:38:21


Electrical Utility in England Admits the Problem



South Western Electricity in England, which is owned by the Southern Company, an Atlanta firm, is quite open about the embedded chips problem. This makes me very nervous about the power grid in the U.S.

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. . . the inventory of any physical asset which may be impacted by the Millennium, eg which has embedded processors, including spares and stores. This includes,

•operational equipment,

•equipment in sub-stations

•relays and other protection devices

•auxiliary equipment, eg battery chargers

•mobile plant

•test equipment

•pole mounted reclosers


•disturbance analysers

•fault recorders

•building management,

•environment control systems, eg heating, air conditioning and lighting

•access and security systems

•fire alarms

•building facilities, eg lifts

•office equipment

•photocopiers, fax machines, dictation and associated devices

•franking machines

•televisions and video recorders

•cameras and projection equipment

•kitchen equipment

•attendance recording systems

•metering equipment,

•credit meters

•budget meters , including keys and vending machines

•NGC metering

•hand-held metering devices

•meter test station equipment

•transport systems,

•helicopter systems

•vehicle engine management systems

•garage equipment

•the inventory of sundry assets impacted by date,

•pre-printed stationery

•date stamps


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