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1997-05-21 00:00:00


Embedded Systems: Chips with Y2K Failure Built In


The embedded systems problem simply cannot be solved. The question is: When the chips are down, will the chips go down?

This May 18, 1997, story in the TIMES OF INDIA identified problem areas. The link is now dead, however. The story is no longer posted.

Chips are in everything: VCR's, appliances, banks, and nuclear missiles. They are also in computers that do such things as keep oil flowing through pipelines.

Here is a partial list of vulnerable systems, which was prepared by an insurance company's specialist in computers.

Security Access Control Systems CCTV Systems Flex-Clocks/Time Recording Systems Lifts Plant Control systems (e.g. Air Conditioning) Lighting (switching systems) Planned Maintenance System Facilities Management System (AutoCAD) Telephone System (PBX) Telephones Mobile Phones Answering Machines Voice Mail Systems Pagers Fax Machines Photocopiers Postage Franking Machines Desk-Top Publishing systems Image Manipulation Hardware/Software (Photographic) Video Cameras/Camcorders Video Recorders Video/Audio Editing Suites Still Camera Databacks Print Preparation software Stock Control Systems Computer-Bases Training (CBT) Systems Electronically controlled Clocks/Watches Electronic Time Management Systems (e.g. Personal Organisers) Scientific Calculators? Pre-printed Forms (19__) Word Processing (pre-set dates) Cars (Engine Management/Service Interval Prediction Systems) Data Chamber Kitchen Equipment

Other than this, no problem!

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