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1997-10-25 13:03:16


Warning from the State of Idaho



Anyone who thinks this is a minor issue should consider this warning from the state of Idaho.

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The real problem with embedded systems is just that -- they're embedded. Typically, the systems are written in low-level code, then burned into the chip's ROM memory, so it cannot be altered. By definition that means that it will require somebody with expertise in the product (the vendor or manufacturer) to get at the system to test for and fix Year 2000 problems. Each embedded system must be treated as if it were a different programming language, which only a few people know. Without one of these "experts" to help, your system is at risk. And some of these systems are critical -- Building management system, Fire and Life Safety System, traffic systems, building security systems, etc. Without them, the doors may be shut and you're potentially out of business.


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