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1997-10-02 20:39:06


It's Worse: Beyond Previous Estimates



The COMPUTERWEEKLY NEWS (Oct 2), reported on the magnitude of the problem. The cost of locating bad chips is mind-boggling.

* * * * *

Anthony Parish, director-general of the federation [of Electronic Industries] said: "For every 1,000 embedded chips you look at, you'll find two or three that need correction. But those two or three are the ones that can close a blast furnace at the cost of 1m a day or stop power distribution. The problem is finding those two or three that are not compliant." . . .

One petrochemical firm tested 150,000 embedded chips and found 100 not compliant

Another has 10,000 embedded chips in North Sea installations. It costs 50,000 to check each chip under the sea-bed.

According to some reports, a major British 500Mwatt power plant failed recently because of a time and date malfunction .


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