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1998-03-17 19:10:30


Social Security Promises Efficiency in 2000



Go to Social Security's home page. There is one entry for Year 2000. There is no mention on the millennium bug. On the conrtarry, there are only promises, goals, and a assurances of an electronic dream.

In short, no problem.

Too bad the agency is not compliant, given the fact that they discovered the problem in 1989.

* * * * * * * * *

SSA's commitments to you are:

By or before September 2000, when you contact the Social Security Administration either by phone or in person, we will quickly and efficiently take care of your needs.

For customers filing claims or receiving benefits, we will:

•Take your retirement or survivor claim immediately over the telephone or in person as long as you have all the information we need.

•Send you clear, concise notices and respond immediately to questions you have about any notice you receive from us.

For the general public and employers, we will:

•Provide overnight electronic Social Security number verification for employers. Today verification can take up to two weeks.

•Automatically send a clear statement of earnings history and an estimate of future benefits to all Americans over age 25 who have worked under Social Security but are not yet receiving benefits. This statement will be sent to about 125 million people. Today we send it to approximately 10 million people.

•Give employers the option to transmit wage reports to SSA electronically using a PC or high-speed data transmission lines.

•Serve you courteously and accurately when you call our 800 Number and provide you access within five minutes 95 percent of the time. This means when you call SSA's 800 Number, you will get through on your first attempt 90 percent of the time.

These goals are an example of others that are part of the Agency’s strategic plan for dramatic improvements in service delivery.


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