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1997-09-10 17:25:31


The Extreme Vulnerability of Hospitals



This article summarizes areas of concern in hospitals. Embedded chips are expected to be a major problem in this industry. Highlights from the article:

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1.Failure To Treat -- Inappropriate Treatment

A physician fails to perform a caesarean section in a timely fashion because the diagnostic equipment was inoperable due to a Millennium Bug infection in its date coded microchip and he failed to detect fetal distress, resulting in brain damage to the infant.

2. Failure To Diagnose -- Incorrect Diagnosis

A physician examines and releases a patient complaining of chest pains because his diagnostic equipment failed, and the patient dies a few hours later from heart failure.

3. Failure To Monitor -- Failure To Observe

A nurse fails to detect an erosion in vital signs because the microchip in the vital sign monitor provided inaccurate information, causing the patient to suffer respiratory arrest.

4. Failure To Administer Needed Medication -- Administration Of Incorrect Medication

A physician administers too much medication, not enough medication or the wrong medication, which injures or kills the patient, because the equipment she was trained to use and rely upon did not yield accurate data.

5. Anesthesia Errors

A nurse anesthetist administers a fatal dose of anesthesia because the biomedical equipment in the operating room is unreliable as a consequence of its dependence on a date coded microchip.

6. Failure To Promulgate Appropriate Policies And Procedures

The health care professionals at the hospital are unaware of the Millennium Bug and its manifestations, are not trained in detection techniques or how to treat the patient without the preferred resources, and therefore make repeated errors in patient care.

All of these examples highlight exposures arising out of Millennium Bug infections caused by the products which rely on date-coded microchips. Hospital directors and officers have an obligation to ensure that functioning medical equipment has been acquired to provide the care offered by the institution, and that it has been adequately maintained. If the directors and officers have not taken appropriate steps to treat the Year 2000 Virus in these and other hosts in the hospital environment, they will be held personally liable for breaching the duty of due care if patients are harmed because of biomedical equipment that has been fatally infected with the Millennium Bug.


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