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1997-11-05 15:16:59


Social Security: Computer Crash Threat, Says Government



The General Accounting Office has warned the Social Security Administration that its computer systems may crash in the year 2000 because several important systems have not been fixed, and SSA has not begun analyzing them.

The problem area: 54 state-run computer systems that handle diasability services. These systems are not run by the Federal government, although they are funded by it. These systems provide money for over 12 million people's eligibility to disability payments.

The SSA has not developed adequate contingency plans in case of failure, the GAO said.

How many lines of code are involved? No one knows. One office had 600,000 lines in 400 programs.

The GAO also warned about the problem of imported bad data.

The story appeared in the WASHINGTON POST (Nov. 5).


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