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Category: Programmers'_Views

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Programmers are not agreed on much regarding y2k, except for these two points: (1) there is no silver bullet solution; (2) the deadline cannot be postponed.

I have set up this category so that when I locate relevant opinions by y2k programmers on the extent of the y2k problem or the difficulties of correcting it, I can post them. I find postings on the Web. Also, I receive e-mail messages from time to time. I will post them if they are coherent and written in English rather than techie. This category is for programmers who wish to communicate with non-programmers.

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03-Jan-97   A Frustrated Programmer Warns: No Easy Fix
09-Jul-97   Nothing to It! No Threat! No Problem!
16-Jul-97   A Programmer Describes Why His Company Won't Make It
17-Jul-97   Yourdon: Should Programmers Quit and Leave Town in 1999?
19-Jul-97   Senior American Programmer Writes Y2K Survival Book
28-Jul-97   Programmer Warns: Prepare for Worst-Case Scenario
30-Jul-97   Programmer Challenges the Happy-Face Scenarios
30-Jul-97   38 Programmers Assess the Threat: Serious
21-Aug-97   Revenge of the Codeheads
22-Sep-97   Y2K Is All a Big Scam, Says Man Who Offers to Fix Y2K Problems
22-Sep-97   Y2K Is Not a Scam, Says Software Programmer
29-Sep-97   Programmer Admits to Burnout: Management Resists Y2K
01-Oct-97   How Did This Happen? A Programmer Explains
03-Oct-97   PC Specialist says We're Not Beyond the Awareness Phase
03-Oct-97   The Task's Complexity Described
04-Oct-97   Y2K Is for Snake Oil Salesmen, Says Ex-Programmer
08-Oct-97   Horror Story from a Canadian Programmer
09-Oct-97   Why the Y2K Problem May Not Get Fixed
13-Oct-97   Yourdon: Evidence That Large Projects Come in Late
19-Nov-97   Stolen Software Will Push Bad Data into Many Systems
19-Nov-97   New York City Will Be Like Beirut -- Yourdon
24-Nov-97   30 Years of Deliberate Neglect
01-Dec-97   90% of Programming Goes to Maintenance
02-Dec-97   Cory Hamasaki on the Great Turnaround: Geeks Over Managers
29-Dec-97   You Can't Overestimate Y2K's Effects
31-Dec-97   A Minor Problem, Says Programmer
05-Jan-98   Problems? Yes. Disaster? Maybe Not
07-Jan-98   Completion: The Last 10% of the Repair May Kill Your System
17-Jan-98   Yourdon Warns: It's Time for a Moratorium
05-Feb-98   Senior Programmers Are Pessimistic
16-Feb-98   No Documentation, Warns Programmer
20-Feb-98   Warning from a Y2K Repair Trainer: Canada Is Way Behind
20-Feb-98   An Unemployed Programmer Reminisces: A Y2K Warning in 1974
23-Feb-98   Calvinistic Programmer Says He Isn't Sure, But God Is
02-Mar-98   Ed Yourdon Replies to a Critic
11-Mar-98   Programmer Says Don't Panic by Increasing Your Cash Reserves
12-Mar-98   Hamasaki Says It Could Get Really Bad: Total, Permanent Breakdown
21-Mar-98   Yourdon: The Problem Is Systemic -- the Asian Flu Analogy
07-Apr-98   90% Say Y2K Is a Crisis
07-Apr-98   The Mind-Numbing Agony of Correcting a 900,000-Line Program
07-Apr-98   When the Programmers Flee, Y2K Repairs Will Cease
23-Apr-98   Banking Programmer Sings the Blues
24-Apr-98   Programmer Says Rotary Clubs Can Solve Y2K's Worst Effects
30-Apr-98   Dallas Programmer Makes Plans for Bugging Out
01-May-98   Programmers Didn't Create Y2K Problem, Says Amdahl
01-May-98   IBM Symposium: Programmers Describe Their Problems
07-May-98   Water in Colorado Springs
08-May-98   Protecting Your Family Is a Righteous Thing to Do
12-May-98   Why Programmers Can't Fix It
14-May-98   Taking Care of Your Family Comes First
28-May-98   Yourdon Warns of Waiting Until 2000 to Fix Systems
30-May-98   We Need Faith in Ourselves, Not in God
03-Jun-98   Hamasaki's Trip Wires
09-Jun-98   Yourdon on Denial

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